jQuery hp-circulate plugin

I liked the idea of a round menu, also called a wheel, by Stu Nicholls. The drawback is that the items are positioned by hand. This poses a problem if you are going to add or delete items from it. Of course, this can be fairly easy calculated, and that is what this code does. When I came across jqDock from Wizzud, I thought it would be nice to have this incorporated as well. It posed some difficulty in implementing, and finally came across the nice example by Soh Tanaka, which played nicely with my code. The icons used in my demo come from De Kaketoes website. Please do not use these.


The following links provided inspiration and basis for my code:

Live demo

This is the working example. Live demo. Another demo with the same menu, but with an image slide in the background. Live demo with image fade.


This is the first stable version (1.0). Download the source.


Version 1.0
(2010-03-21) Initial release

/* 2010-03-21, pritaeas */